It all started around the summer of 1999 as a way for me to help promote and advertise unsigned electronic artists that I liked and listened to. Over the years it has grown into a digital photography, advertising and design company. Then, after helping get bands like Marazene, Brainclaw, Face Down, MDM and a few others get onto the “behind the scenes” discs for the final two Matrix movies … we have continued to expand our reach into the world of movie soundtracks, audio design and production.

I am always striving to make Spiderbite Studios be a better and bigger full service Digital Media & Design company, by also doing promotional photography and design, custom digital and print advertising, graphics design and many other projects that go into giving artists that we believe in, that extra nudge into their own stardom. Recently, we have been organizing and promoting the biggest brewery comedy night in Richmond, VA at Buskey Cider, and expanding further into the comedy special realm.  SbS also provides the means to shoot fashion, glamor and alternative photography and integrate that into some of the work that I do with musicians and other clients. I have begun to also write and direct music videos for some of the musicians that have been with SbS from the early stages as well as some new clients. Working with various video and film companies, it has also allowed me expand my directing, sound design and production grasp a little, to include some of these bands that have been so good to us by including them in some independent films soundtracks. This in turn helps them to be heard by even more people. I am continuing to make my digital design company more and more each day … because it is my artistic outlet … and I hope you enjoy.