While we no longer offer the mixing/remixing services that we once did, Spiderbite Studios started out helping musicians connect with their target audience by creating compilation albums featuring unsigned or underutilized musical talent.

Our roots.

We helped a varying number or artists connect to projects that helped accelerate an already awesome trajectory, and even helped them immortalize some of them in movie history.

We then helped a handful of artists become part of the Matrix Reloaded and the Matrix Revolutions BTS DVD material to which we were also added in the credits by name (this was a coup for Spiderbite Studios because of how much of a nerd our founder is).
We also helped some musician friends of ours onto the Spiderman DVD for some of their work to be used and credited back in the early 2000’s also. Since then, we have continued to keep in contact with many artists that have been with us since the beginning and helped out with promotion, music videos, soundtracks and anything else that we can do to help them keep rockin’.