We are always looking for new and exciting things to become involved in. Now that our founder Carlton K. has taken a few steps into the world of Stand-Up Comedy like he always wanted to try, the production side of SbS has stepped up to help create some great events.

Comedy at Buskey ( has become one of the largest comedy nights in Richmond Virginia out side of the comedy club circuit. Packing in over 100 people each show (pre-covid of course) it was moving into the realm of booked headliners before the world fell apart. Once we were able, we moved the comedy to a socially distanced out door setup, and it kept on selling out and giving comics a chance to continue to make people laugh.

We are, and still do, create advertising for other events in the area, and we have other amazing events that we are a part of coming up in the very near future.

Below are just a few examples of the advertising for past events.

Comedy at Buskey is produced by Carlton K of Spiderbite Studios
Back Alley Comedy also produced by Spiderbite Studios
Comedy at Buskey brought in the New Year with Spiderbite Studios Productions
Spiderbite Studios created the advertising for this event in Richmond, VA
This event had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, but everything was created